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Iftikhar Durrani Rabia Malik Video

Iftikhar Durrani Rabia Malik Video

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Real Bokeh-Light Effects

Real Bokeh app brings more than 30 different bokeh effects. There are also 33 lens effects that you can use to create beautiful light-filled photos and videos.

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Lens Blur

With the Lens Blur application, you can create videos that are soft nuances of objects such as portraits, flowers or any subject you want.

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AfterFocus App

This one bokeh video application supports you too much in editing videos. Its simple appearance does not reflect its capabilities in editing videos and photos.

Many bokeh effect features are capable of being used to produce creative videos.

When determining the focus area of photos and videos can be executed in more than one second.

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Bokeh Tadaa SLR Video application

Making bokeh videos using the Tadaa SLR application is a little necessary while the results are quite cool.

The Mask & Edges feature must be activated while you determine which areas are always in focus, the method is quite light, namely by using a finger touch to determine the area.

After the selection of the area that is always in focus is complete, opening the Blur & Bokeh tab then activates the Range slider or Aperture opening to experiment to achieve the best bokeh effect.

This application includes being able to provide other effects such as black and white, and display in the form of sketches.

Download Video

By using the link above, you will be directly taken to the download link page iftikhar durrani and rabia malik.

Iftikhar Durrani Rabia Malik Video

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